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University of California


The University of California has nine undergraduate campuses and one campus, UC San Francisco, that is predominantly graduate programs.

The links below will help you to decide which campus is right for you.


Introducing the University                           University Of California


Map of UC campuses                                    Exploring-majors


UC Berkeley                                                     Berkeley


UC Davis                                                           UC Davis


UC Irvine                                                            UC Irvine


UC Los Angeles                                                UCLA


UC Merced                                                        UC Merced


UC Riverside                                                    UC Riverside


UC San Diego                                                   UC San Diego


UC San Francisco                                             UC San Francisco


UC Santa Barbara                                            UC Santa Barbara


UC Santa Cruz                                                  UC Santa Cruz


There are three ways to obtain admission to the University of California for California residents: Eligibility in the Statewide Context, Eligibility in the Local Context, and by Examination.

Use the link below for more information:

University of California California Residents 

UC requirements for admission include a minimum of 15 courses in the A-G requirements.

Use the link below for a list of the A-G requirements.  Please note that there are alternatives to completion of courses i.e., SAT testing, AP testing, college courses.


The SAT II Subject Tests are no longer required but are suggested under certain circumstances.

Use the link below to obtain the most up to date information.

University of California Examination-requirements


While the UC places the highest importance on academic achievement, that alone does not guarantee admission to a particular UC campus.

Use the link explaining comprehensive review:  Comprehensive-Review  

Use the link to see how each campus evaluates applications:  Evaluating Applications

Apply to UC

Applications are available online begining August 1.  You may submit your application between November 1 and November 30. 

 The link below will give you instructions for applying online:

University of California-apply


A few things to remember:

UC's do not require transcripts or letter of recommendation.   Only send a transcript if you are directed to do so after submission of your application. 

You may save and come back to the application until you submit. 

Your personal statements should be composed in a word processing application and cut and paste into the application.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP/EAOP)

The Educational Opportunity Program is designed to improve access and retention of historically low-income and educationally disadvantaged students.  Contact the campuses individually for more information.