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Release From Campus

No Student May Leave Campus Without a Valid School Pass.

Students are released from the Administration Office Front Desk.


Release from campus is allowed only for medical or dental appointments, or other important business that cannot be handled after school hours.


Photo ID is required when checking out a student.  Students shall be released during the school day in the custody of an adult only:

    • When the adult is the student's parent/legal guardian, or if the adult is

       listed on the student emergency card.

    • After proper indentification and verification is made.

    • After authorized adult has completed and signed a student release



Students shall be released during the school day without parent or legal guardian being present only:

    • When the adult who is the student's parent/legal guardian sends a

      written request in advance listing:

             º Student name and ID number.

             º Date and time student is to be released.

             º Where the student is going upon being released (home, doctor,

               dentist, etc).

             º How the student will be leaving (walking, driving, etc).

             º Signature of parent/legal guardian.

             º Contact phone number.

    • After proper verification of request.


Students will NOT be released to individuals who are not listed on their student emergency card.


Students will NOT be released through phone call requests.  All requests MUST be in writing.