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2017-18 Press Guide

Media Guide Information

The success of our ad sales campaign is dependent on the total effort of every player in our basketball program.  Teamwork is the essence of all Royal Basketball endeavors.  One person or one small group cannot carry the entire load.  Each individual must make the commitment to win.  Nobody can assume that the other guys can handle it.  


Our goal for 2017-18 is $15,000 of advertisements!  There will not be anyone who does not turn in an ad…Let’s go to work!  The community of Simi Valley has and will continue to support our program.  Not all business people are aware of our publication.  When talking with merchants, show them a copy of last season’s guide.  Be personable and courteous!  Explain to them the distribution process of the book and how the exposure they will receive will more than pay for their investment.  Look professional!  Thank them for their time, whether they purchase an ad or not.  If they ask you to come back do so.  Try to talk with the owner or manager of the operation.  


Remember – You are representing Royal Basketball – Look neat and clean.  Be confident.  Wear a clean Royal Shirt or tie to improve your visibility and credibility.


Each of you will be given certain business places, based upon your previous year’s effort.  Below is a list of type of places that like to get involved.  Each of our players is expected to raise funds by selling $300 ($450 for Varsity) advertisements for our 2016 Media Guide.


Fast Food, Restaurants, Realty Companies, Nurseries, Dentists, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Sporting Goods, Health Clubs, Hair Styling, Gas Stations, Auto Repairs, Orthodontist, Hardware, Industrial Centers, Clothing, Shoe Stores, Auto Parts, Banks, Liquor Stores, Carpet, Audio Stores, Bakeries, Electronic Shops, Bakeries, Pet Stores, Etc.


The incentive program for sales is:            

$150    Royal Basketball T-Shirt


$375    Royal Basketball T-Shirt,Royal Socks


$500    All the Above plus Royal Basketball Sweat Shirt, 2 Home Game Tickets


$625    All the Above Plus $50 School Credit, 4 Home Game Tickets (instead of 2)


In addition, the top sellers will compete for:        

1st Place – $100 School Credit

2nd Place – $75 School Credit

3rd Place – $50 School Credit


Prices for ads are:                    

Inside Front Cover (Color) - $500

Inside Back Cover (Color) - $500

1st Page - $350

Last Page - $350

Full Page and Banner - $350

Full Page - $175

Half Page - $120

Quarter Page - $85

Business Card - $65

Banner - $200 (We need artwork, doing new banners this year)


All Checks Need To Be Made Out To: Royal Basketball


Attach all artwork and information on the handout with your name on it so you get credit.  Use a paper clip to keep the art work looking nice.  All Artwork and money needs to be in by October 18.


***Note: A family full page ad (player ad, not a business ad) is reduced to $100 for player/family in our program!

We Need a Total Program Effort!


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9/15/19 6:39 PM