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Theater Arts


The Arts, Media, and Entertainment sector requires the greatest cross-disciplinary interaction because work is project-based, requiring collaborative and independent career skills. Students in this pathway learn both academic knowledge and professional skills for Theater, Professional Music, and Choreography. Students work with industry professionals in lighting, vocal music, sound engineering, dance, and theater in our remodeled facility with industry standard equipment. Royal students have received a number of awards in state competition.


All courses meet a-g CSU/UC eligibility.

ROP Musical Theater

This course utilizes CTE AME Performing Arts Pathway standards in preparing students for real world work. Students explore professional work using fundamental elements in theater, dance and music.

ROP Musical Theater Honors

In this advanced course students take on more leadership roles, including but not limited to more in depth characters, learning new aspects of technical theater, problem solving, and assistant directing.


Students learn to analyze live and professional theater. They apply choreography, vocal music, instrumental music, and technical theater (sound, stage, lighting) in a variety of applications. Students produce two shows annually, one play production and one musical. Off campus industry experiences included professional productions, like American Idol, and recording vocals in a professional sound studio.

13 The Musical's final performance.
At the grand finale of 13-The Musical, the ensemble sings.


Many jobs in the entertainment industry are in demand and are growing faster than the average of all US jobs. The number of working actors continues to increase which also means support positions, such as set designers, camera people, grips, and others are in similar demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the producer and director fields are projected to grow by 12% in the coming years, with growth spurred by the success of streaming media studios.

Actor $101,661/year

Theater Technician $55,791/year

Producer/Director $126,220/year


Composer, Conductor, Choreographer, Dancer, Director, Lighting Designer, Musician, Voiceover Artist, Narrator, Producer, Production Manager, Singer, Sound Engineer, Talent Agent, Theatrical and Broadcast Technician.