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Legal Practices

INDUSTRY SECTOR The Public Services industry sector provides service by the government to its citizens, either directly or through financing. Public service careers center on challening issues that define the public agenda and provide vital services to the public from local to international levels.  Careers in this sector often attract those who want to help their fellow citizens and make improvements to the communities they serve.

The Legal Practices pathway prepares students with broad knowledge of law and legal practice with the basic skills needed in all levels of the legal profession. In Biology and Chemistry Forensic curriculum is embedded. Mock Trial and a partnership with the Simi Valley Police Department provide a broad range of education, experience, and internship.

COURSES All courses are a-g CSU/UC approved. Student enroll for up to four consecutive years.

Forensics Biology & Forensics Chemistry (Concentrator)

These academic courses provide the core curriculum within the framework of forensics and criminal justice.  Students problem solve as they design and conduct experiments in forensics classes. Labs promote technical competence using professional crime lab equipment. They meet the science requirement for graduation.

ROP Introduction to Law A/B (Concentrator)

Students interested in legal practice, paralegal services, and acting sign up for this course. Students are taught by a practicing judge, attorney, and teacher coach. Students serve internships outside of school hours through Mock Trial.Students in Mock Trial, research, present and act while thinking critically for competition.  A minimum of 25 students must register to open this course. This operates as an evening class and includes compeition.

ROP Introduction to Law Enforcement Careers (Completer)

Taught by a police officer, the students learn essential concepts and procedures of law enforcement agencies. Students research, report, and understand law for legal proceedings. Students interested in internship may apply to become a Simi Valley Police Explorers (not district affiliated).

Mock Trail Scrimmage at the Ventura County Courthouse.
Group of Mock Trial Students posting in the court house during a scrimmage.


Employment in local governments is projected to increase by 454,400, to reach more than 8.2 million in 2022, representing one of the largest increases in employment among all industries. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in law are expected to increase faster than average at 10% through 2031.

California Highway Patrol Officer $109,248K/year

California Lawyer $176,610k/year

Park Ranger $76,930/year


Emergency Services, Disaster Teams, Border Control, ATF/CIA/DEA/FBI Agents, Lawyers, Probation/Correctional Officer, Law Prevention Specialist, Court Reporter, Law Librarian, Lawyer, Paralegals, Legal Researcher, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Wildland Firefighter, Paramedics, & Crime Scene Investigators, Emergency Medical Technician, Emergency Response Dispatcher.

Student attorney presents during the Mock Trial Competition.
During the Mock Trial Competition, a student attorney presents to the judge in a professional court room.

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