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Public Service & AFJROTC


The Public Service Homeland Security Pathway provides services of the government to its citizens. The foundation of Royal's program integrates a partnership with the United States Air Force (AFROTC) and the Ronald Reagan Library to develop student understanding and skills in aerospace and leadership in a family-like environment. Each year, Royal students earn awards and recognition for their exemplary work.


Courses meet the physical education requirement for graduation.

The AFJROTC 100-400 series embeds the Air Force's ROTC aerospace and leadership curriculum. Students learn about aviation history, civilian and military contributions to aviation, and principals of flight. In the second year and third years, students about flight and navigation and applied math and science. The AFJROTC 400 emphasizes world culture, including geography, political systems, and social issues. In a typical AFROTC course, the ratio is 40% aerospace, 40% leadership, and 20% wellness & fitness.


Citizenship and character education are at the heart of Public Service. Students develop career skills including but not limited to critical thinking, communication, collaboration, literacy, leadership and technology. Students provide community service and participate in student led clubs. Students

  • Operate a drone fleet 
  • Compete in archery
  • Utilize flight simulators
  • Volunteer hundreds of hours in the community and compete in statewide competitions.

Each year students are accepted to prestigious summer programs and universities. Through ROTC, at least one student earns his pilot's license before his/her/their driver's license!

Contact Alvin Johnson, lead Teacher


Contact Ian Fryman, LEAD Teacher

ROTC Lead Student at Pass and Review


Public service jobs include working for federal, state, or local government. Employment in the state and local government sector is projected to increase by 929,000, to reach just over 20.0 million in 2022. This increase is more than two-and-a-half times the increase seen in the 2002–2012 period. Because of heightened interest in homeland and border security, employment growth in this sector is projected at over 20% in the near future.

Per ZipRecruiter, as of July 2023, the average annual pay for Public Sector jobs in California is $91,154.

Firefighter $80,990/year

Cybersecurity Analyst $102,600/year

City Planner $79,213/year


Military Personnel, Pilot, Fireman, Public Health Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic, Civil Engineer, Politician, Transportation Security Officer, Public Affairs Specialist, Cybersecurity Specialist

AFROTC presents at the Spring Pass and Review Ceremony.
Student presents during Pass and Review on the football field. A few stand at attention. Flag wave.