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The Education, Child Development and Family Services sector provides academic and technical skills to pursue high-skill, high-demand certificated training and post-secondary education.

The Child Development pathway combines classroom instruction with hands-on community work experience. The pathway emphasizes child development, learning and teaching. Students make a postive difference in the lives of children and peers by serving elementary teachers, by teaching children, and in supporting struggling peers. Students develop their understanding of child development, learning, lesson planning, coaching, and teaching others.


All courses are a-g CSU/UC approved. Students complete two consecutive years in a program that builds strong trusted relationships.

Academic Leadership (Completer)

This course provides the basic knowledge of teaching pedagogy and student support through a hybrid model. Instruction is in-person (before school) and online. Internship occupies one period, 5 hours a week where students tutor and provide  support to peers in academic classes with emphasis in Math and for English learners. Interns report loving to help peers and improving SAT performance as a result of this experience. Letters of reference and recommendation are available upon request.

Teachers of Tomorrow (Completer)

In this course, students learn concepts in child development and curriculum design. Most time is spent off campus interning under the supervision of a local elementary or middle school school teacher. Letters of reference and recommendation are available upon request.

Royal student teaches fifth grade.

TOT student teaches class of fifth graders.


Careers in Education and Child Development are personally rewarding as they involve working with children. Growing in a stimulating, nurturing atmosphere develops cofidence and sills to a purposeful life and full participation in community. As California's population swells, so does it's need for qualified educators.

From 2020 to 2030, the California Employment Development Department projects an increase in public educators by 8.8% from 20,600 to 22,300 in Ventura County.

Child Psychologists $122K/year

Early Childcare Workers with high school diploma and certificate $27K/year

Teacher in California $95K/yearCAREERS

Child Psychologist, Behavior Specialist, Early Childcare Worker, Education Administrator, Paraprofessional, Pre-school Child Care Worker, Professor, Social Worker, Speech Therapist, Teacher