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Media Arts

industry sector

This sector covers vocations that primarily communicate and express themselves through visual art, digital media, and web-based tools and resources. The Media Arts pathway requires  knowledge and skills both visual art concepts and new and emerging digital processes that enable individuals to create and communicate complex concepts in a wide range of occupations and professions. Students in the Design, Visual & Media Arts pathway use a state-of-the-art Apple lab to create, develop and edit websites, program video games, produce commercial art, and animate.  

Digital Media Google Classroom (In Development)


All courses meet a-g CSU/UC eligibility. Courses meet fine arts and computer literacy requirements for graduation.

Website Design

Students develop web design skills using Adobe products. This course includes theory and methods in design, artistic vision and style, planning, construction and maintenance.

ROP Game Design

This course introduces game programming, 2-D & 3-D animation, game design, and commercial art. Students become Adobe certified.

ROP Digital Media Honors

Students produce original work using digital media to promote and market their products online.

digital media design & printing

Our ROP Digital Media H runs a printing business. It counts for ROP internship hours and students gain real world skills throughout the process. Students research, chose products, and set prices to optimize marketing strategies. 

Each custom product is 100% student made! Customers upload personal photos and/or designs. Students take care of the rest!

Order here: Order Form. Cash or checks (Made out to Royal High School) are accepted. Product delivery takes approximately one week.

Thank you for your support! - Adam Lev

Student learns Adobe photo editing techniques.
Student uses an Adobe program to edit photos.

Economic Future

A 2023 Otis College Report found 1.8 million jobs account for $581.7B in the California Creative Economy. This demonstrates significant growth from Otis' previous report of the contributing $507 billion or (14.9%) to California's gross economy. In the last five years, Video Games and Computer software, Advertising and Related Services grew. Audiovisual, architectural, artistic, and news agency services declined.

Web Developer in the Los Angeles Area $102,376/year

Graphic Designer $78,239/year

Game Designer $111,122/year


Web Developer, Graphic or Game Designer, Digital Illustrator, Animator, Photographer, Social Media Designer, Digital Artist, Game Programmer, Digital Media Specialist, Creative Consultant