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Hospitality and tourism consists of different industries in a vibrant and dynamic whole.

Hospitality Management training graduates work in luxurious hotels, transportation, recreational parks, restaurants, and wineries in the Sonoma, Napa and other wine-growing regions of California.

Other careers include: Director of Hotel Operations, Travel Agent, Bed and Breakfast Owner, Tour Guide, Front Desk Associate, Concierge, Host/Hostess, Food and Beverage Director, Certified Fitness Nutritionist, Registered Dietitians, Executive Chef, Banquet and Catering Director, Director of Conference Services, Meeting Coordinator, Event Coordinator.


Culinary Arts & Hospitality


Culinary Arts & Hospitality

The Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation sector provides students with the academic and technical preparation necessary to pursue high-skill, high-demand careers in these related and growing industries.  The sector encompasses three distinct, yet interrelated, career pathways: Food Science Dietetics, and Nutrition; Culinary Arts & Hospitality; and Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation.

How big is the industry?

The U.S. Department of Commerce projects international travel to the United States should grow by 3 percent annually through 2018. The U.S. leads the world in international travel and tourism exports, and travel and tourism is the top services export, accounting for 25 percent of all U.S. services exports.

What about CA?

Leisure & hospitality is projected to add 7,600 jobs in Ventura County which is the 3rd largest increase in projected job growth in Ventura County. By 2016 there will be a 24.3% growth in restaurant cooks in California alone.

Is the industry growing?

Statista predicts that the hotel industry worldwide will generate $550 billion in 2016.

 Students pursuing this career pathway have in-depth, hands-on experiences that emphasize industry awareness; sanitation and safe food handling; food and beverage  production; nutrition; food service management; and customer service.


All courses are A-G approved

Foods & Nutrition I

  • Food sanitation and safety
  • Principles of nutrition
  • Food preparation

Foods & Nutrition II

  • Relationship of nutrition to health and well-being
  • Meal Management
  • Food in culture
  • Food cost and production

ROP Food Service

  • ProStart curriculum & certification
  • Articulation with Oxnard College
  • Internship with  local businesses

The Highlander Cafe provides internship experience to advanced students year round in a Starbucks-like setting.