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Cabinetry, Millwork, & Woodworking

The Building and Construction Trades Industry Sector teaches basic skills neccessary for future careers in building, construction, millwork, and woodworking. 
Cabinetry, Millwork and Woodworking pathway teaches basic skills in the building and construction trades with emphasis in design. The introductory and concentration courses, Wood Design 1 & 2, provide emphasize safety, tools, and basic principles. Capstone courses complete the pathway and include Furniture and Cabinet Construction as well as Woodshop Manager. Curriculum includes advanced concepts and tools, business principles, and leadership. Students earn OSHA industry certificates.


Most courses are a-g CSU/UC approved. Students enroll for up to three consecutive years and become OSHA certified after completing year two.

Wood 1 & 2 

In these introductory classes, students learn safe practices, materials and tools, design, and career based skills such as professionalism. Students program and use a laser engraver and CNC machines. Applied math and measurement skills are developed.

Furniture Construction

This course reinforce safety and introduce students to furniture making techniques. Students earn OSHA Industry Certifications.


This course furthers student knowledge of safety and exposes students to more technical woodworking, blueprint reading, and the CNC. Students earn OSHA Industry Certifications.

Woodshop Manager

Students use their skills to assist the company director (teacher) in managing and instructing in the Woodshop. Woodshop Managers complete independent projects and work for paying clients. 

Programing and operating the laser engraver.
Student demonstrates the laser engraver and is surrounded by woods equipment.

Economic Future

Between 2012-2022 the labor force in construction employed 27.3% more. Average annual openings of 1840 jobs per year are projected through 2022. Construction occupations are increasing near the state average with high salaries. In July 2021, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an average increase in employment from 2019-29 of 3.7%. The California Employment Development department reported an average growth of 10.9% in employment and 18.5% in the construction industry from 2018-2028.

Construction Managers $113,918/year

Construction Laborers $46,769/year

Building Inspectors $92,054/year


Architect, Building Inspectors, Carpenter, Cabinet Maker, City Planner CNC Operator, Cooling, & Heating Technician, Designer, Drafter, Electrician, Estimator, Furniture Making, Iron Worker,  Plumber, Roofer, Sheet Metal Fabricator, and Welder