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School Nurse Health Office

Wendy Calderon, School Nurse

(805) 306-4875 x2727    

Velma Carrasco, Health Office Clerk

(805) 306-4875 x2728    

Fax: (805) 520-6644

Health Office Hours 7:30am - 4:00pm

Please print, complete, sign, and return the below document to authorize your student to take any necessary medication at school.

First page of the PDF file: MedAuthorizationForm

How can I tell if my child is too sick to go to school?  Use the "would I go to work?" rule to help you decide; high fever or vomiting would certainly keep your child home, but a cold or a headache probably would not.  If your child has a bacterial infection, they are usually OK to return to school after the first 24 hours of antibiotics.

For longer absences: If your child is going to miss 3 or more days of school, please call the Health Office to request homework.  If it's expected that your child will be out for 3 weeks or more, please call right away to find out about home teaching.

What if my child has an emergency at school?  Be sure we have a signed Authorization for Medical Treatment card -- the Counseling Office coordinates the collection of these cards at the beginning of every school year.  Review and update your emergency contacts as needed -- if you move or change jobs.  If your student is sick or injured, we will always try to contact you first.  If we are unable to reach you, we will then contact those on your emergency list who are authorized to pick up or release your child from school.  Health Office personnel and coaching staff are trained in first aid and CPR.  If your child is experiencing a life threatening emergency, we will call 911 for assistance and then notify a parent or guardian.

Can my student take medication while at school?  All medicines, even over the counter remedies like Tylenol and Motrin, require authorization from both a parent/guardian and a physician.  Please call or come by the Health Office to pick up a medication form.  Most medicine is kept only in the Health Office -- students need special permission to carry their own medications.  Medications must be in their original labeled containers.  Most daily medicines are given at lunchtime.

What about asthma inhalers?  If your doctor permits it (there's a place on the medication form to note this), your student may carry their inhaler at school.  PE teachers and coaches will assist students who carry inhalers during activities.  It's also a good idea to have a back up inhaler kept in the Health Office for emergencies.

Diabetes, anaphylaxis, and other significant medication situations:  Please call the Health Office -- additional consents may be needed.  We must have current orders from your doctor for your student to have insulin, glucagon, epi pens, or other medications at school.

What if my student is on crutches or has a cast?  We will need both parent or guardian and doctor's permission -- forms are available in the Health Office.  Also, please pick up a medication form if you think your student may need pain medication.  We can issue a "5-minute" pass to allow extra time to get to the locker and next class if that's needed.  Please ask your doctor to indicate any specific limitations or concerns.

What if my student needs to be excused from PE?  Parents may write a note to excuse PE for up to 2 days.  For longer periods, we will need a doctor's note.  Whenever possible, we prefer students still dress for PE -- please note any limitations.  Please have your student bring PE notes to the Health Office.

What if my student doesn't feel well and wants to come home?  Many students have cell phones, but if your child is feeling sick, please have them check in at the Health Office before they call you to pick them up.  Often times, just a short rest or a little snack is all they need to get back to class.  Also, we cam check their temperature and other symptoms before we call you, so you can better judge if you need to call the doctor.

What health information would you like us to know about your student?  Please review and update the medical information form we send home each year.  Please note any severe allergies to foods or medications; chronic or recurrent illnesses; and what medications your student is taking.  Current information is helpful as it may affect your student's schoolwork and their safety.  Please call our office anytime to update or add to your student's medical information.