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List of Head Coaches

Many of Royal High School’s Athletic teams practice year round.  Contact head coaches directly as soon as possible for tryout dates, practice times, and other information on the teams.


Fall Season Teams:


 Becky Herrera

 Cross Country - Boys

 Ryan Luce

 Cross Country -  Girls

 Ryan Luce

 Dance Team Alex Porter


Mike  Puopolo

 Golf – Girls

 Rich Letus

 Tennis - Girls

 Roger Hixon

 Volleyball - Girls

 Kristine Connolly 

 Water Polo - Boys

 Ramiro Saldain



Winter Season Teams:

 Basketball - Boys

Tyler Meek

 Basketball - Girls

Heather Tomaszewski


 Becky Herrera

 Soccer - Boys

 Ignacio Saldain

 Soccer - Girls

Oren Robles, Sr.

 Water Polo - Girls

Ramiro Saldain


 Rich Carrillo


Spring Season Teams:


 Dan Maye

 Cheerleading -Stunt

 Becky Herrera

 Golf - Boys

 Greg Minick

 Lacrosse - Boys

Jeff Casilli

Alan Taylor

  Lacrosse - Girls

Cathe Utterback 

 Softball - Girls

 Bill Dishon


 Ramiro Saldain

 Tennis - Boys

 Roger Hixon

 Track - Boys

 Tony Valadez

 Track - Girls 

 Tony Valadez

 Volleyball - Boys

 Dean Borth