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In Season

Game Day Transportation

On game days we travel a couple of different ways:


Tournaments: We will rent a van to help get players to games, we also rely on parent drivers to help get everyone to the games.  


League: We travel via Simi Valley USD bus to all league away games except Simi Valley (players responsible for travel to that game)


Playoffs: We travel via charter bus.  We can usually take up to 20 extra players to the game.  Prior contact with Coach Griffin is required.


Traveling home after away games:


Tournaments: You need to travel home with your parent or with the parent/coach you traveled to the game with.


League: Travel home via Simi Valley USD bus.   Bus will usually go home after the Freshman game.  (Sophomores, JV and Varsity travel home on bus after Varsity game).   Players wanting to travel home with their parents will need to have parents sign the scorebook (coach will have) after game.   


Playoffs: All players travel home on the charter bus.


Players are NOT ALLOWED to travel home with other families without 24 hour notice given to their coach with written consent from parents.   

How much does Basketball cost?

Transportation donation: $135 (subject to change, please check with ASB Office)

ASB card: $65 (subject to change, please check with ASB office)


Official Royal Basketball Gear: 

New player to program: $250-$300 (Shirts, Shorts, Sweatshirts, ties/socks, Backpack, Basketball, Practice Uniform)

Returning player: $150 (Shirts, Sweatshirts, ties/socks)


Tournament Donation: $50


We also ask each family to work 1 hour during our fall league and 1 hour during our summer league to help cover cost.    


We usually run a free fall, spring and summer program.



New Player: $500

Returning Player: $400

What time should I show up to practice and what should I wear/bring?

You should be at practice earlier enough to be ready to start practice at assigned time.   If you need treatment or be taped please plan on getting to school/practice early.   Notify your coach if he/she needs to tape you.   If you think you are going to be late, please contact YOUR coach so he/she is aware of your situation.   


You need to wear your practice uniform each and everyday to practice during the season.  We prefer Royal Practice shorts also, however you can wear other shorts with no pockets.   


You should also plan on bring a sweatshirt, sweatpants and water to practice each day.   

How should I dress for games?

Parents: We would like all parents to be dressed in Green, Gold or other Royal Basketball Spirit wear to each game.   Please contact Coach Griffin if you need items.   We will also offer Official Parent gear at the beginning of each year.


Players: On games days we will dress in a shirt and tie with dress slacks or khakis (no jeans).   Dress shoes, color socks and a belt.   No sweatshirts are allowed, however a jacket or sweater (if tie is visible) is ok.   


On Tournament game days, teams can decide to wear a shirt or sweatshirt, however every player should be wearing matching clothing.


After games there are two options:

1. Dress back into your school attire.


2. Wear Official Royal Basketball gear  (sweat pants or jeans are ok).


We do not wear our game uniform to games or after games.   

What happens if I miss practice?

Playing time will decrease if practices are missed.   Our Official season starts the week of Veterans Day and continues to Valentines Day.   Being at practice each day is important for you and your teammates.   


The standard rule is miss practice and miss a game.   


If you go to school, we expect that you will be at practice.   Not feeling 100% or being injured is not a reason to miss practice.   If unsure or you have questions contact YOUR coach as soon as you know.   


Please schedule doctors, dentist and other appointments around or not during the official basketball season.   

Do we practice during Thanksgiving and Winter Break?

Yes, we will have practice/games during Thanksgiving and Winter Break.   We will do our best to schedule some time off during the holidays for family and friends, however we do play the week after Thanksgiving (or during) and we do play games the week after Christmas.

What color should my shoes be for In Season Games?

We would like the shoes to be school colors.   (Green, gold/yellow, Black, White or Gray).   Please stay away from other colors on your shoes for games played during the season.   


In the fall, spring or summer games any color shoes are fine.