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2019 Season at a Glance

2018 Season at a Glance

May 11 @ Aliso Niguel (2nd Round CIF Playoff): Royal 4 - Aliso 14.  There doubles really outmatched our doubles teams today winning 8 of 9 sets.  We were able to take 3 sets in singles, but in the end we were just not as good as we thought we were.  We know now what we need to work on and improve for next year.

May 9 vs. Torrance (1st Round CIF Playoff): Royal 10 - Torrance 8.  Great job from our doubles teams today who carried us with 7 of our 10 sets won.  Blake and Matthew swept their sets 3,2 and 1.  Peyton Coe won his first set 6-4 which turned out to be a big set won seeing the other singles players did not beat their #2 player.  Great job on advancing to the 2nd round.

April 26 at Moorpark: Royal 17 - Moorpark 1. Varsity starters played the first 2 rounds and in 12 sets of play only dropped a combined 7 games.  JV players came in for the 3rd round with the exception of Peyton and JV players won 5 of 6 sets.  We enjoyed In-N-Out after to celebrate a fun and successful season.  We won 2nd place in league and varsity players will be getting their first experience of CIF play later in May.  

April 24 vs. Oak Park:  Royal 7 - Oak Park 11.  Even though Oak Park brought their "B" team their singles were too much for my young singles players.  Doubles took 5 sets and Kevin D. won 2 of 3 sets.  Oak Park is a good, solid, deep team and we competed well today.  JV lost 2-3 as well.

April 19 vs. Rio Mesa:  Royal 12 - Rio Mesa 6.  It was nice to have a competitive non league match right near the end of our season to help us keep sharp.  Doubles did amazing today winning 8 of 9 sets.  Griffin Stibor and Matthew Mackenzie are playing their best tennis this year and swept all three sets as well as Zac Gwennap and Ryan Kimmel at the #3 doubles slot.  Good win today.

April 17 vs. Simi: Royal 10 - Simi 8. Another close match, but not as close as our last bout with the Pioneers. We had a good chance at sweeping singles today as we moved Tristan Tausch back to singles, but he lost two tight sets 4-6 and 6-7, Peyton Coe also dropped two sets in which he had multiple set points in both sets.  We have to figure out how to win these close sets.  We did win 5 sets in singles which was 2 better than last time around.  Kevin swept his sets 1-0-0 and we had solid doubles play from Matthew Mackenzie and Griffin Stibor and Ryan Kimmel and Zac Gwennap both won 2 of 3 sets.  Had a few things gone our way we could of won 14-4, but a win is a win and it clinches a 2nd place finish in league.  JV lost 1-4 with the lone victory going to Wayne Li and Justin Hibbits.

April 12 vs. Camarillo: Royal 9 (71) - Camarillo 9 (64). Another match without number one player Kevin and another match we tied and squeaked out a victory.  The Scorps were stronger in singles play this time around winning 6 of 9 sets and we played better in doubles this time winning more games than we did last time we face Camarillo.  A good all around win.  JV had 2 sets played today and both were victorious.

April 10 vs. Moorpark: Royal 16 - Moorpark 2.  Good opportunity to have everyone play a varsity set today.  The Varsity starters dominated play and we were able to get all JV players in to play at least one set.  Moorpark did not field a JV team.

March 29 @ Oak Park:  Royal 3 - Oak Park 15.  The top ranked Eagles proved their league dominance today and took it to us as we suffered our first defeat of the season.  The JV team fared well though winning 4-1.

March 28 @ Simi: Royal 9 (80) - Simi 9 (79).  It doesn't get any tighter than this!!  Being down 9-8 in sets and the last set we are down 0-4 and doubles team of Griffin Stibor and Matthew Mackenzie come back and win the next 6 games and the set to put us in a tie and a position to count games and in the end we squeaked out a victory!  Royal's first win against our cross-town rival in more than a decade.  JV however did not fare as well as they lost 1-4 with the lone set win coming from Brandon Hoang and Marcus Neskvern.

March 20 @ Camarillo: Royal 12 - Camarillo 6. It was nice having Kevin play again with us and he swept his three sets 0-2-0 and Peyton won 2 of 3 sets along with all three doubles team.  Mighty Matt and Blake dropped their first set of the season though.  JV won all three sets that they played as well.

March 15 @ Saugus:  Royal 12 - Saugus 6.  Good balance today as singles won 5 sets and doubles took 7 sets.  Blake and Matthew are still undefeated on the season.  No JV played today.

March 8 vs. Pacifica:  Royal 13 - Pacifica 5. We again played without number 1 player Kevin and we dropped 3 sets in singles.  The number 1 doubles team of Matthew Girard and Blake Cole still remain undefeated on the season as they again swept all three sets.  All of the JV teams were able to play today and all 5 courts won!

March 6 vs. Golden Valley: Royal 12 - Golden Valley 6.  Another good day for doubles who won 8 of 9 sets and double teams of Matthew Girrard and Blake Cole as well as Tristan Tausch and Ryan Kimmel are undefeated so far this season.  Peyton Coe and Zac Gwennap both won 2 sets as well.  JV won 3 of 4 sets too.

March 5 @ T.O.:  Royal 9 (73) - T.O. 9 (70).  Doubles won 8 of 9 sets and only gave up 15 total games and thanks to Zac Gwennap and his lone singles win gave us a tie and a chance to count games for the victory.  We played without top player Kevin Daniel and relied heavily on doubles teams of Blake and Matthew and Tristan and Ryan both dominated their sets and set the tone for doubles play.  Two JV sets were also played today and we were successful in both sets.

February 28 vs. Sierra Canyon: Royal 14 - SC 4.  Another first time opponent for us this season had us facing an up and coming Sierra Canyon.  Our doubles won 9 of 9 sets even though we had 2 missing due to sickness.  This allowed our #1 JV team of Krithik Jatavallabullah and L A Dabon to play and they swept all three of their sets.  Griffin Stibor played singles today and won 2 of 3 sets.

February 27 @ Rio Mesa: Royal 15 - Rio Mesa 3.  Due to illness and other school commitments, Rio Mesa only had 7 players so 3 singles and 3 double sets were forfeited.  Of the 12 sets that were played we won 9 of the 12 sets. Freshman L A Dabon won his first varsity singles set and doubles team Ryan Kimmel and Tristan Taush played the best doubles tennis of the day. 

February 22 @ Malibu: Royal 13 - Malibu 5.  Our first visit to Malibu provided a wonderful scenic view of the Pacific ocean although it was a little cold and windy, the sky was clear and the ocean very blue.  We took 5 of 9 singles sets behind the consistent play of Kevin Daniel who swept his sets 1-3-1 and we took 8 of 9 doubles sets from the Sharks.  No J.V. played today.

Febraury 20 @ Pacifica; Royal 17 - Pacifica 1.  Pacifica graduated a large portion of their team last year so we were in a good position to take advantage of a younger less experienced team.  Solid play from our new singles player, Zac Gwennap this season, who swept his three sets!  J.V. also played well taking 4 of 5 sets.

2017 Coastal Canyon League Champ/MVP: Kevin Daniel

2017 Coastal Canyon League Champ: Kevin Daniel

Boys 2017 Schedule

The dates are subject to change based on bad weather.

Feb 21 @ Golden Valley: Royal 15 - Golden Valley 3; we barely got the varsity finished before the courts were too wet to continue.  JV will hopefully have time to play two sets next Tuesday.  Kevin Daniel swept his sets 1-0-0 and #1 doubles team of Matthew Girard and Blake Cole swept their sets 1-1-3.

Feb 23 home Rio Mesa (Varsity only) Great day for tennis.  Varsity took on the Spartans of Rio Mesa and won 14-4.  #1 Singles player Kevin Daniel avenged two sets that he lost last year against a Rio Mesa opponent and won his 3 sets 1-0-4.  Doubles swept all 9 sets led by #1 team Matt and Blake who swept their sets 2-0-0.  Great job boys!

Feb 28 home Golden Valley: Royal 13 - Golden Valley 5; Singles won 7 of 9 sets and doubles won 6 of 9, doubles team of Matt Girard and Blake Cole were dominant again only dropping two games in their 1-0-1 sweep.  Doubles team of Ryan Kimmel and Matthew Mackenzie also swept sets 4-5-6 (7-2).  Doubles team of Abdullah and Aadil got swept in their sets.  Kevin, Tristan, Coco and Peyton all won sinlges sets.  All the JV who played sets won their matches except for Tyler and Mark who lost 6-4.  Great start JV.

Mar 2 home Pacifica Royal 16 - Pacifica 2; Singles lost only 2 games in 9 sets and again doubles team of Girard and Cole swept sets 1,0,2.  Kevin Daniel, Tristan Tausch and Griffin Stibor all played two sets and did not drop a single game.

Mar 7 @ Hart Close match 9-9 but we prevailed in games 76-66 to take our record to 5-0!  Kevin swept his three sets 0-0-0 and Tristan won two of three sets 0-4.  Doubles team of Ryan and Matthew won two of three sets 2 and 2. It was a good team win all around.  J.V. also played but lost 6-12.  

Mar 9 @ Pacifica (Oxnard) Royal 14 - Pacifica 4.  Singles won all 9 sets with Tristan Tausch playing #1 today swept his 3 sets 1-0-0.  We had two JV teams play Varsity and they held their own losing 4-6 and in tie break.  JV won 4 of 5 sets as well.

Mar 14 @ Rio Mesa (Varsity only): Royal 14-Rio Mesa 4.  Doubles swept all 9 sets again and only dropped 11 games in 18 sets.  Kevin Daniel beat Rio Mesa's #1 and #2 player 4,0 and sat out the third set.  We end our preseason undefeated at 7 and 0.

Mar 16 home Camarillo Royal 3 - Camarillo 15; A good day for #1 singles Kevin Daniel as he played three tough opponents back to back to back and won 3,5,0 and had to come back in the second set down 3-0 and 5-4 to win.  Every other court we were clearly over matched.  J.V. won 3-2 led by Cobe Alvarez and Zac Gwennap at #1 JV.

Mar 21 BYE

Mar 23 home Simi Royal 8 - Simi 10.  Tough loss for us this year as we thought we made the improvements to beat our cross-town rival, but in the end Simi's consistentcy was what took our toll on us.  Congratulations to Kevin Daniel for his three set sweep all 6-0 and for doubles team Matt and Blake who swept their three sets.  J.V. also lost 2-3.  Cobe, Zac, Mark and Tyler were the victors today.

Mar 27-31 Spring Break

Apr 4 @ Oak Park- Royal 6 - Oak Park 12; A strong first round found us up 4-2, but then two late arrivals for Oak Park solidifed their team and we only won two more sets in the last 2 rounds.  J.V. also lost 4-1 with Justin Hibbits and Brody L. winning the lone set.

April 6 BYE

Apr 11 home Moorpark-Royal 15 - Moorpark 3; 9-0 in doubles today, hopefully we can do the same on Thursday.  JV also won.

Apr 13 @ Simi- Royal 7 - Simi 11.  Only 3 sets won in doubles and we were hoping for 6.  Good job by Ryan and Matthew M. as well as Kevin D. for his 3 set sweep.  JV also lost 2-3.

April 18 BYE

Apr 20 home Oak Park- Royal 9 - Oak Park 9 (63-84).  Well a pretty exciting day with Kevin D. sweeping his 3 sets and avenging one of his losses this season with a 6-2 set win.  Doubles won 6 of 9 sets, but in the end we didn't put up any resistance with our #2 and #3 singles players today.  A job well done against the first place team.  JV won 3-2 (2 by default).

Apr 25 @ Camarillo - Royal 1 - Camarillo 17.  Our worst defeat of the year, only Blake and Matthew were able to win a set today.  Even the mighty Kevin dropped two sets and was pulled before the 3rd one due to leg fatigue and soreness.  JV lost 1-4 with the lone set being won by Brody and Justin Hibbits.

Apr 27 @ Moorpark: Royal 13 - Moorpark 5; We were able to play 9 alternates in the varsity match and JV team of Coby and Zac and Justin and Brody won their varsity sets!  Tanner had to forfeit his last set because of an injury.  Good job on a 9-6 season boys.  JV played and won both of their sets putting Royal's JV record in league at 4-4.

Boys 2016 Schedule and Results

April 28 away vs. Simi 5-13 loss.  All 5 sets were won in singles.  Kevin again swept his three sets 4,1, and 0 and Tristan and Joey each won a set.  Doubles had a few close sets, but couldn't pull of the wins.  J.V. lost all 4 sets today.  Looking forward to next year and improving.

April 26 home vs. Camarillo 4-14 loss.  On the bright side, Kevin Daniel swept his three sets against some good opponents.  JV won 3-2 again in part because we had a full squad.

April 21 home vs. Moorpark 8-10 loss.  Played better as a team today (4 singles and 4 doubles win.)  JV won 3-2 mainly because we fielded an entire squad.

April 19 away vs. Oak Park 4-14 loss.  Nice tie break set win for David and Wes in the 1st round and Kevin took 2 of 3 sets and Abdullah and Matthew M. came in the last round to win our fourth set 6-3.  No JV today.

April 14 away vs. Buena (non league) 17-1 win.  Only Tristan and Joey played three sets today and swept all three. Tristan did not drop a single game.  The last round we subbed in JV players and teams and we only dropped the last set.

April 12 home vs. Simi 5-13 loss.  Kevin Daniel again swept his 3 sets 6-4, 6-0, 6-1 and Joey Rahn and Tristan Tausch also won a set each.  J.V. lost 2-3 for their first team loss of the season.

April 7 away vs. Camarillo 4-14 loss.  Two sets won by David and Wes.  J.V. lost a close match 2-3. (Make up from Rain)

April 5 away vs. Moorpark 6-12 loss.  A couple of sets that didn't go our way was the difference today.  J.V. did win 4-1 putting them at 4-0 this season.

March 24 home vs Oak Park 3-15 loss.  A disappointing start to our league season, but a tough Oak Park team really gave it to us.  The highlight was Kevin Daniel sweeping his three sets.

March 22 BYE

March 17 home vs. Pacifica 10-8 win.  Tight match with Pacifica doubles teams player tougher than the first time we met.  Kevin Daniel swept his three sets only dropping 2 games, Tristan took 2 of 3 sets and doubles teams of Ryan Kimmel and Haydn Owen along with David Mayorquin and Wes Liu won two of three sets to put us over the top once again.

March 15 away vs. Rio Mesa 8-10 loss.  Singles took 5 while doubles only won 3 sets today.

March 8 home vs. Rio Mesa 10-8 win.  Even though Kevin dropped his first set of the season, doubles found a way and won 6 of 9 sets.  The biggest win was from David Mayorquin and Wes Liu coming in the last round and beating the number 1 team 6-3!

March 3 home vs.Golden Valley 9-9 (86-77) win.  Kevin Daniel sweeps again 6-2, 6-1, 6-0 and doubles team of Ryan Kimmel and Haydn Owen taking two of three sets.  Every game won helped break the tie.  JV also won 5-0 to go 3-0.

March 1 away vs. Pacifica: 11-7 win.  Kevin Daniel sweeps again 6-2, 6-0, 6-0 and #2 player Tristan Tausch won 2 of three sets along with #2 doubles team of Matthew Mackenzie and Griffin Stibor who came back in a set after trailing 5-1 to win 7-5.  JV also won 5-0 and again #2 team of Blake Cole and Matthew Girard with a 6-0 win.

February 25 away vs. Golden Valley: 6-12 loss.  Singles #1 player, Kevin Daniel swept his three sets 6-0, 6-1, 6-0.  The JV team also played today and won 5-0 with Matthew Girard and Blake Cole leading the way with a 6-0 victory.

February 22 home vs. Buena: 16-2 Win.  Singles won all of their sets and number #1 doubles team of Haydn Owen and Ryan Kimmel swept their three sets.



Head Coach: Roger Hixon

Assistant Coach: Ed Florian (not pictured)

Coastal Canyon League Standing 2019

2018 Overall Record

Wins Losses League
16 3 6-2

2017 Overall Record

Wins Losses League
9 6 2 - 6

2016 Overall Record

2016 Record
WINS Losses  League
6 10 0-8