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The Royal High School Associated Student Body (commonly referred to as ASB) is a unique collection of diverse leaders from across the various groups and academic and extracurricular demographics of our school. This group serves not only as the official student governmental body of RHS, but also as a snapshot representation of our entire school. Providing a voice for all, this group not only focuses on creating stronger bonds of respect and appreciation among our student groups, but also to create a more unified, accountable, and responsive student experience for all.


Officers are elected each spring for the following year through a school-wide vote. Various other positions on the Executive Cabinet are selected by the Director Student Activities & Athletics. Senator positions are filled by the club presidents of each student club.

ASB Roster 2021-2022

Executive Cabinet (Officers)

Student Body President
Sarah Aliolli

Vice President-Academics & Arts
Raquel Kanalz

Vice President-Athletics & Activities
Tyler Samon

Lucas Medina

Sofia Sandoval

Director-Leadership Class Liaison
Brooklyn Kilgrow

Director-Family, Community & Alumni Outreach
Beatriz Acosta

Senior Class President
Mia Ragland

Junior Class President
Joy Oh

Sophomore Class President
Skyla Shulman

Freshman Class President

Administrative Support
Ms. Myszkowski

Please Note: Club Presidents serve as Senators and are part of Club Council which meets the third Friday of each month to increase communication and outreach among all students.


Meetings SChedule 2019-2020

Our Executive Cabinet (ASB Officer group) meets every Tuesday in Room 7-16 during lunch for logistics, planning, new club presentations (as needed), and ASB account budgetary matters and requisition approvals.

Each Club President serves as an ASB Senator and attends a monthly Club Council Meeting where information is shared to build connections between each constituency of our school and tackle important issues facing Royal students and create initiatives to help. 

These key student issues/challenges are defined, planned, and addressed by our students leaders. This list is subject to change based on need. Meetings are held in Room 7-16 or the CSI Room.





Weekly on Tuesdays

August 20


Weekly on Tuesdays

September 17


Weekly on Tuesdays

October 15


Weekly on Tuesdays

November 19


Weekly on Tuesdays



Weekly on Tuesdays

January 21


Weekly on Tuesdays

February 18


Weekly on Tuesdays

March 18


Weekly on Tuesdays

April 22


"Passing the Torch"

 (Officers) TBD


Past Royal ASB Leaders



Student Body President - Alex Edgar
VP, Academics & Arts - Liam Dew
VP, Athletics & Activities - Mason Payne
Secretary/Treasurer - Brooke Houghton
Director, Communications - Kylie Medina
Director, Leadership Class Liaison - Mia Ragland
Director, Family/Alumni/Community Outreach - Grace Fausett
Senior Class President - Isa Matola
Junior Class President - Sarah Aliolli
Sophomore Class President - Joy Oh
Freshman Class Representative - Skyla Shulman


Student Body President - Kabir Jain
VP, Academics & Arts - Grace Fausett
VP, Athletics & Activities - Tyler Tiengerd
Secretary/Treasurer - Mia Ragland
Director, Communications - Sanah Niazi
Director, Leadership Class Liaison - Jaelyn Kilgrow
Director, Family/Alumni/Community Outreach - Alex Edgar
Senior Class President - Cristina Rivero
Junior Class President - Isa Matola
Sophomore Class President - Sarah Aliolli
Freshman Class Representative - Ava Giller


Student Body President - Humna Ahmad
VP, Academics & Arts - Carly Tran
VP, Athletics & Activities - Jake Piazza
Secretary/Treasurer - Sarah Theobald
Director, Communications - Cristina Rivero
Director, Leadership Class Liaison - Sadie Bunderson
Director, Family/Alumni/Community Outreach - Alex Edgar
Senior Class President - Madeline Marciano
Junior Class President - Kabir Jain
Sophomore Class President - Grace Fausett
Freshman Class Representative - Mia Ragland


Student Body President - Dominique Surabian
VP, Academics & Arts - Skyler Martinez
VP, Athletics & Activities - Humna Ahmad
Secretary/Treasurer - Lindsay Oberg
Leadership Class Liaison - Sean Michael Johnson
Family & Community Liaison - Sarah Theobald
Communications - Sam Finch
Senior Class President - Charlotte Tindell
Junior Class President - Carly Tran
Sophomore Class President - Kylie Dunkleberger
Freshman Class President - Nicolette Surabian

ASB PRESIDENTS (1968-2017)


Kayla Hitt (16-17), Morgan Sciumbato (15-16), Shelby Davis (14-15), Erin Gentry (13-14), McKayla Rosen (12-13), Jenna Vander Does (11-12), Taylor Davis (10-11)


Shantel Sojka (09-10), Jillian Nolke (08-09), LeAnn Buffington (07-08), Peggy Chow (06-07), Monica Espinoza (05-06), Christine Garon (04-05), Vanessa Macias (03-04), Kristen Gozawa (02-03), Erin Weesner (01-02), Mary Albanese (00-01)


Annie Piatt (99-00), Donnie Knips (98-99), Sean Gesell (97-98), Oliva Almeda-Duque (96-97), Nick Julian (95-96), Aimee Dickerson (94-95), Laura Julian (93-94), Miles Bozinovski (92-93), Patt Ross (91-92), Holly Thompson (90-91)


Amy Neser (89-90), Steve Kinnaman (88-89), Chad Sourbeer (87-88), Tamara Thompson (86-87), Steve Noone (85-86), Dennis Noone (84-85), Mike Noone (83-84), Bobby Chacon (82-83), Randy Gallela (81-82), Scott Wuerzburger (80-81)


Joe Lautman (79-80), Sean Olney (78-79), Val Pappas (77-78), Ron Griffith (76-77), Larry Denning (75-76), John Messer (74-75), Danny Swenson (73-74), David Howe (72-73), Don Sebeck (71-72), Phil Long (70-71)


Guy Lopez (69-70), Jim Hill (68-69)