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Did You Know?

Did you know that we are in the midst of the 2nd Golden Age of Television? Because of new technology and the evolving Film industry, more media companies are producing more programs for television consumption.

Distance Learning Changes

Due to COVID-19 and social distance restrictions, projects will be modified for this semester. Please refer to Google Classroom for assignments and materials.

About the Class

DIGITAL VIDEO PRODUCTION, HONORS is the CTE capstone class that is articulated with the local colleges. Students who satisfactorily meet the rigorous  requirements of this course may receive college credit upon submission of a student reel for review. 

This course is designed to give the advanced student an in-depth study of the artistic, creative and historical background of the film and television industry. Students study the work of outstanding pioneers  to present directors, cinematographers and sound and light techniques. Students are required to work collaboratively to produce several short narrative films. Students achieving competency in this course will be prepared to enter a film or broadcasting program at the college level or be prepared for entry level employment in those fields.

Prerequisites: Video Production, Photography recommended.

Required Texts: Video Digital Communication and Production. 3rd ed. Jim Stinson

Visual Storytelling, Videography and Post Production in the Digital Age. 2nd ed. Ronald J. Osgood and M. Joseph Hinshaw

Welcome to the Class

In addition to film genre challenges as your projects, we will also focus on film history, Director's contributions and current developing technology in film and television.

Current Project: Silent Film

Students will produce a 5 minute silent film. This project emphasis the importance of all of the other narrative devices to tell story: set decoration, costume, framing, angles, acting and edit. 

Upcoming Project: THE HORROR FILM

This project is an exercise on lighting, camera movement and editing.


Cinema History

Early Directors

The Silent Film Era

The Star System


Birth of the Hollywood Film Industry

Hollywood by the Decades

Influential Directors

Film Form

Narrative Film Analysis

Genre Study

Film Theory


Silent Film (Sound)

Horror Film (Editing pt. 1, Camera Movement, Intro to Genre)

The Comedy (Editing pt. 2 pace)

Film Noir/Mystery Thriller (Lighting,Textual Manipulation)

Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Mise-en-Scene, Suspension of Disbelief)

Art Film (Camera Movement, Perspective, Cinema Verite)

Animation (2D)

Important Directors