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About the Class

BROADCASTING is a CTE capstone class that articulates with the local community colleges. Students who pass with a satisfactory grade and review of a student reel may earn college credit.

This high level course is designed to give students a hands-on experience with producing a school news magazine show for broadcast on a weekly basis.  Students are responsible for visual and technical aspects of news broadcasting and journalism. Welcome to the Royal 3 News!

Prerequisites: Video Production with a "B" or higher, open to Juniors and Seniors only

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Weekly News Show

Current Assignment: Student Royal News Crew is responsible for putting together a weekly show that includes local Simi Valley news, entertainment, campus news, sports, weather and school interviews featuring the personalities of Royal High School. We will be broadcasting school wide during our third period and here online.

Broadcasting Changes

In additon to producting weekly shows, groups will work on feature programs with a specific focus related to campus life. The weekly projects and featured shows will also be made available for showing on this schools website!

Go to

Please watch us on Fridays after the announcements! Videos will be shared via google drive and are available for streaming or downloading. Visit our show archives on this website. Click on  "Broadcasting projects" page to see past shows!

You can also check us out on youtube: Royal 3 News


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List of Assignments

SEPTEMBER: Explore a Media

OCTOBER: Writing Without Bias

NOVEMBER: Radio Broadcast


JANUARY: What's Hot

FEBRUARY: Reporting and Law

MARCH: Focus Report/Documentary/Controversial Issues

APRIL: Pop Culture

MAY: Brand Names/Signification

JUNE: Explore a Career

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to COVID-19, weekly shows will be modified to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Our shows will be modified for new safety measures.