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Country Study Sites

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Cultural, Historical, Political Background

Just How Many Countries ARE in the World?

Additional Maps:  

HRW World Atlas

***CIA World Fact Book
One of the best sites for brief country information. Click on "Guide to Country Profiles."
You will find a large map of your country with the capital city starred.

***U.S. Department of State - Background Notes on Countries
More detailed information than in the CIA World FactBook

***Country Profiles from BBC News
A British site with good up-to-date basic information, including an audio recording of the country's
national anthem, picture of its flag, and a historical timeline

   HOLIDAYS/TRADITIONS/CUSTOMS:            Earth Calendar of Holidays - Select Year and Country
International Business Culture and Etiquette   (Tip: Although aimed at the business traveler, tips are useful to all.
 Select a country and look over the list of etiquette topics, especially "public behavior.")

Travel and Tourism Sites 
FLIGHTS:     Expedia
TIPS: Select multiple destinations. Select a specific travel date, but set your flight time preferences to "any." 
Travel on an "adult" ticket.

FLIGHTS:    Orbitz
(remember to choose multi-city)

FLIGHTS:     Travelocity 
(Tips:  similar to

IF NECESSARY:   Airport Codes:  find the codes for your two international cities.

IF NECESSARY:  A-Z World Airports - find airports for each world city....remember to use international airports

RailEurope - for train travel throughout Europe

Tourism Sites --Guidebooks, etc.

Virtual Tourist Travel Guides

Lonely Planet Online - What to see and do in countries

Fodor's Travel Online - Click on Explore Destination map

Frommer's Travel Guides

When We Get There Travel Guide and Tourist Destinations - Scroll down to country - Tours and activities at your destination (inexpensive supervised lodgings for young people)

Hostel Information Database

Hostels in Europe

Cities Around the World

World Time Zone Server

Universal Currency Converter - convert your money!

Volunteering Sites Volunteer Abroad
Global Volunteers
Transitions Abroad: The Portal for Volunteer Work and Vacations Overseas - scroll down for country listings plus
first-hand accounts of volunteering experiences
see also: Transitions Abroad - Teen volunteer organizations listings and testimonials

Volunteer Abroad with United Planet - one week to one month
Global Citizens Network Action Without Borders
Cultural Restoration Tourist Project (check this out if you're going to Nepal!)
Volunteer Nepal Himalaya Teaching Program
Volunteers for Peace International Workcamps
Habitat for Humanity Global Village Program
Cross-cultural Solutions
Amizade: Global Service Learning & Volunteer Programs

Amnesty International
Heifer Project
The Jane Goodall Institute
World Teach
Volunteer Match - volunteer in U.S.
California Volunteers - opportunities to volunteer at the local and state level