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Computer Usage

Computer Guidelines

  • Current ID cards must have an AUP sticker to use computers.  Place in the monitor clip in order to use the computer.
  • Library computers are available for research and production activities that support school assignments.
  • Library computers are not to be used to play games, gamble, make purchases, or download large files.
  • Accessing personal email accounts is not permitted.
  • Do not turn off or restart computers.  Ask staff for assistance if a computer freezes.
  • Do not save work on the computer's hard drive because it will be erased automatically when it reboots.
  • Failure to comply with computer policy will result in loss of privileges and/or referral to the Assistant Principal.

Internet Guidelines

  • The computers on the brown tables are for individual use.  Put your Royal High School ID card in view of the staff.  Make sure you have an AUP sticker on it.  AUP forms are filled out in the Aeries Parent and Student Portal and stickers may be obtained from the Counseling Office.
  • Follow the computer guidelines posted on the computer.
  • When you are finished using the computer, return the screen to the blue desktop.  Remember to take your ID card with you.