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Vocal Music/Piano


Our Ensembles


(No audition needed)

Our men's group! This group meets during lunch on Tuesday in room 3-2. Rock and roll, hip hop, oldies, indie, acoustic, a cappella, etc. This group is open to any RHS male. Pizza provided! If you play an instrument, we will find a way to include it in our shows. Guys who can do vocal percussion (beat box) are encouraged to join. This group occasionally joins the girls to form a mixed group. 



(No audition needed)

This is our mixed ensemble of singers in grades nine through twelve. This group performs an array of choral, world, and pop music. Here, new and experienced singers have the opportunity to grow their vocal abilities. They perform at all concerts, as well as local festivals. Once you join, you instantly have 60 friends!



A select group of auditioned female singers in grades nine through twelve. This ensemble performs challenging literature of various time periods, styles, and languages, as well as pop and musical theater. They travel more frequently, participating in highly acclaimed festivals throughout California. They have also performed on world-class stages, such as Carnegie Hall.



An auditioned small select group of singers in grades nine through twelve. Singers must have advanced aural skills (ear training), as well as prior music experience. Students are expected to be registered in another choir ensemble. This group performs extensively for the school and community, and performs in multiple festivals each year.  

(jazz, a cappella, pop, and contemporary music)  

About Our Program

The RHS vocal groups have a long history of excellence and success. The students and director take great pride in creating an inspiring performance. Whether it be classical, jazz or popular music, singers at RHS have excelled in all three areas of singing. Classically, the choirs have performed 5 times at Carnegie Hall in New York City, (RHS opened the concert performance in 2007) Orchestral Hall in Chicago, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D. C. and Disney Hall  (5x) and Dorothy Chandler Hall in Los Angeles. The Vocal Jazz Ensemble was chosen as the top high school vocal jazz ensemble in the nation for the year 2005 (Downbeat Award) and as the 1st runner-up in the nation in 2010 (Downbeat Award). This ensemble placed first at the Fullerton Jazz Festival (the largest jazz festival in the western U.S.) in 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011. Our very popular Finalé show (all student directed), performs multiple nights of fun and contemporary music to enthusiastic crowds.


RHS vocal groups have traveled to New York (5x), Vancouver, Canada, Chicago, San Francisco (5x) and San Diego to attend national festivals. All groups (Concert Choir, Vocal Ensemble, Vocal Jazz, Chamber Singers, VoiceMale) have consistently earned Superior ratings, Adjudicator's Awards, (96 out of 100 pts or higher) Top Choral Program and Sweepstakes for 15+ years.  In 2016, the choirs/band once again earned Sweepstakes at San Francisco. Local performances include Disneyland, (Disneyland Candlelight Ceremony - 5x), T.O. Civic Arts Center with Dick Van Dyck (4x), area invitational university festivals in Southern California (USC, LMU, CSUN, CSUF, CSULB, Westmont, APU, Biola), high school/college exchanges, and community events and concerts. Whether local or national level, the students gain valuable performance experience, receive feedback/evaluation from regarded adjudicators, and gain cultural experiences as they interact with other singers and musicians.

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Important Dates

Fall Concert

United Methodist Church, Simi Valley

Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019     7pm


Winter Concert

United Methodist Church, Simi Valley  

Wednesday, Dec. 11, 201



Spring Concert

United Methodist Church, Simi Valley


 Wednesday, March 18, 2020



Finalé 2020

Royal High School MPR, Simi Valley

Wednesday, March TBD, 2020

Thursday, March TBD, 2020

Friday, March TBD, 2020




Student Leadership 2018-2019

Co-Presidents: Sarai & Nikki 

Vice President: Alora 

Secretary: Alyx

Social Media Representative: Ricky

Librarians: Tori

Social Outreach and Recruiting : katherine & Kendyl 

Voicmale Representative: Joel 

Representative: Lily