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Senior Presentation

EMAIL    EMAIL    EMAIL!!!!!  This is how colleges communicate with prospective students.

You must have a valid email that you check.



Application available 8/1/17;  submit  11/1-11/30/17                 

University of California-apply


A-G required classes - to view classes at Royal that meet these requirements go to :

A-G Course List


UC application power point with notes       

Admission-University of California  This will take you to a UC page of counselor downloads.

Click on "presenting yourself on the UC application for undergraduate admission-freshmen"


9 undergraduate campuses:  Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz

Average GPA of students admitted in 2017 ranges from 3.37 - 4.33

Average SAT scores range from 1010 - 1450

Average ACT scores range from 19-34


Use the admission calculator to see if you meet eligibility  

Admission Calculator


Testing:  You must take the SAT or ACT with writing.  You may test through the December test dates.

Admission University of California Examinations 

Release your scores when you take the test.

For ACT and SAT use the code for one UC campus and all UC's will get the scores.  


SAT Subject Tests are suggested at some campuses for certain majors. Check on UC website for more information. Freshman Requirements Examination-Requirements

Your highest test scores from one test date will be used.


GPA:  Your GPA will be calculated using grades in 10th and 11th grade and only your A-G classes. You can receive up to 8 extra points for weighted classes.



UC Berkeley does "invite"students to send a Letter of Recommendation in certain circumstances.  Wait until they request before you send.





Application available 10/1/17; deadline 11/30/17                    

Cal State-apply 


A-G required classes - to view classes at Royal that meet these requirements go to :

A-G Course List


23 campuses in the CSU system; 17 are impacted; 1 campus in our service area -Channel Islands 

Northridge: no longer in service area;  you may be admitted if you declare a major that CSUCI does not have.

Non-impacted campuses are Channel Islands, Bakersfield,  Dominguez Hills, Maritime Academy, San Francisco

All other campuses have higher eligibility index for admission.  Eligibility index is a combination of GPA and SAT scores.

Go to  Cal State Eligibility Index for more information on eligibility 


Testing:  You must take the SAT or ACT.  Only critical reading and math scores are used for SAT.  ACT composite score is used.  You may test through the December test dates .  Exceptions are Cal Poly SLO, San Diego and San Jose - they prefer that testing be finished by November.  Highest combined test scores are used. For SAT use the code 3594 and all CSU's will have access to your test scores.


GPA:  Your GPA will be calculated using grades in 10th and 11th grade and only your A-G classes.

Exception is Cal Poly SLO.  They will recalculate using 9th, 10th and 11th.




Some CSU's may request a transcript for clarification or after lst semester senior grades.  They will notify you if you need to send one.




Application deadlines vary - check with individual schools      AICCU

76 private, nonprofit colleges and universities

Common application:  Common App




Over 4,000 college and universities in the U.S.  Use a search engine to sort for schools by state, size, major, sports, etc. (Naviance, California Colleges, College Navigator)

Deadlines begin as early as 11/1 for early action/early decision.

Check schools course requirements, testing, letters of recommendation, etc.

 A-G is primarily for California schools.  Out of state schools may have different requirements.


Early decision plans are usually binding — a student who is accepted as an ED applicant must attend the college. Early action plans are nonbinding — students receive an early response to their application but do not have to commit to the college until the normal reply date of May 1.  Check with the schools you are applying to for their rules concerning Early Action and Early Decision.





Students who are residents of WICHE states are eligible to request a reduced tuition rate of 150% of resident tuition at participating two- and four-year college programs outside of their home state.

WICHE members include: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands._____________________________________________________________________________________________________


Application period begins in spring. Check with individual schools.


FINANCIAL AID:  Federal and state financial aid is available for students attending two and four year schools and some trade/technical schools.

You may file the FAFSA beginning on October 1, 2017 the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) FAFSA  The federal government and school you plan to attend will determine if you are eligible for grants, work study and loans.

If you are planning to attend a California school, you may be eligible for Cal Grants.  Your GPA will automatically be sent to Sacramento to determine eligibility.  Cal Grant uses information from the FAFSA also to determine eligibility.  If you do not want your GPA sent to Sacramento, you must fill out a opt out form.  These are available from the registrar, Mrs. McKnight

in the counseling office and must be submitted by October 1, 2017.  

Check with schools you are applying to to see if you need to fill out the FAFSA, Profile or any other financial aid forms in order to qualify for any scholarships including merit.


SCHOLARSHIPS:  Scholarship search engines

College Board's Scholarship Search  Naviance scholarship data base.


SELECTIVE SERVICE:  Young men between the ages of 18-25 are required by law to register with the

Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday.

You can register at Selective Service.  If you fail to register you can be denied student financial aid, job training, employment and citizenship.


Brittany Hong, College Career Advisor  805-306-4875  Ext. 2759  Rm 2-12